Gene du Plessis - Born and raised on a farm in the northern plains of South Africa, Gene was a very creative child, encouraged by his family to act upon any creative whim or dream, no matter how big or small.

Broad Horizons
- Much of Gene's philosophy, ideas, and inspiration comes from traveling the world. At age eight, along with his family, he sailed from Cape Town, across the Atlantic Ocean, and up through the entire Caribbean on a catamaran.
Since then, he has explored and lived in places like the Caribbean, the Bahamas, Central America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and the United States.

Creative Arts- At age 10, Gene created a cartoon strip which was published by a local newspaper in the Virgin Islands. A few years later, he starred in "Mama Mia" a sitcom pilot and "Newzies" a children's television pilot in Florida. In his early 20's Gene illustrated a children's book titled "The Princess and the Dragon," -by author Bianca Fortin, and more recently a kid's book titled "Meet My Friends, Don't Eat My Friends." Additionally, he has dabbled in special FX stage make-up, sketching, chalk portraits, water color painting, story board artistry, photography, and engineering.

Main Focus- Director: After  graduating from the New York Film Academy in 2013, Gene found his niche for directing and film making. Artist: He is also a successful artist having excelled in a medium known as "pyrography" - which he used to create an African Art Series focused on African wildlife. Actor: Gene uses his past experience, training, and behind the scene skills as an actor for film and television.

Philosophy - "I have found, that my ideas and inspiration have oddly not come from  volumes of art books, nor from the countless studies  of magnificent artistic geniuses throughout history - but rather from my own life experiences, my many adventures, my loving family, my love for nature; and the respect I have found for our world, her cultures and all the living creatures who share it with us.  These are the truest teachers, and the unsung masters of my work. - Gene du Plessis
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Basic Stats-
Gene du Plessis, born Eugene du Plessis, on November 21 in Delmas, South Africa.
He is the youngest of four children, with two older sisters and an older brother.
Born South African, he is an Australian citizen, residing in California, USA.
A percentage of the sales from his African Art "pyrography" series is donated to nature conservation and animal rights groups.
He grew up a vegetarian and has been a full vegan since 2003.
He speaks three languages and enjoys traveling and learning about new cultures.
Eugene is big on nature, animal rights, and pets and adopts from his local shelter.